The Return

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 11.36.24 AMCOMING SOON!

After injuring himself during the finals at the end of his sophomore year, Keem leaves basketball and the US behind when he decides to spend the summer with his grandmother in Dakar, Senegal. His older sister Nasira is already in the country working as a college intern at a women’s clinic north of the city. Three years have passed since the earthquake of 2011 when Keem witnessed Nyla’s suicide in the deep. Weeks later he received a text that led him to believe Nyla was alive, but her silence over the years has led Keem to believe the girl he once loved is dead.

Keem’s growing interest in religion leads him to a group of boys who chant verses of the Koran all night in Dakar. His cousin, however, wants to show Keem another side of Dakar—one that more closely resembles the decadent life in the US that Keem wants to leave behind. His grandmother introduces him to “respectable” girls and Keem finds one he actually likes, Binta. Life in the US starts to lose its appeal and Keem sees himself staying in Dakar to open a restaurant. But then Nyla returns and Keem struggles against his feelings for her and his fear that she truly has become a demon. When The League hunts her down Keem’s loyalty is tested. Is he willing to give his life for Nyla and the cause he can’t even understand?

Sequel to THE DEEP (2013), THE RETURN will be available in 2017 (mock cover only).