counting down the days

13 Jul 2015 news 2 Comments

5July is slipping away! I’ve got three books “in production” and so spent this morning sending feedback to my illustrators. I Love Snow! is almost finished and A Wave Came through Our Window is at the halfway mark (see the latest from Charity Russell–amazing!). I’m hoping that book will be ready by August 19, which is when I’ll be reading in the Kids Corner at the Marcy Plaza farmer’s market. I believe they’ll be giving away free books for the first ten kids, so get there early; readings are every Wednesday from 1-2pm. I’ve been reviewing my list of manuscripts and would really love to have these two illustrators work on 2 more books. But I don’t have a job this summer, so can I really afford to keep self-publishing picture books? And what about the YA novel that is about a decade overdue? Publishing old work is definitely a way to avoid creating new work. This afternoon I will be working on a discussion guide for my two City Kids books, though I also plan to make my first bundt cake. On Wednesday I’m heading up to the Bronx to learn more about Dream Yard’s collaboration with Libraries Without Borders; they’re launching the Ideas Box in a public park, which should provide local kids with hours of book-based entertainment. I’m donating a set of my books to the portable library and will let you know if they’re looking for more donations. I saw on Facebook that Jet Blue is setting up free vending machines in DC as part of their Soar with Reading program. But the books being provided to low-income communities are NOT mirrors for these Black children—the only options seem to be The Magic Treehouse series. Too often it feels like we take one step forward and two steps back…

Marcy Plaza Farmers Market Flyer 2015